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Perfect Beauty Laid Before Me...

Beautiful Speeches the Lines That are Preached are Only Half Truths

9/11/08 12:30 am

I like watching old style movies really late at night, everything is so emotional and dramatic. I just found pompodam on my shirt what a great night it is. I'm going to go through my old journal entries and post bits on here and laugh. Oh no I so forgot to take tablets today, better do that before I pop to sleepy town. Hah I just found an entry from this year about bins being knocked over and the apartment growling at me, good to see I'm still pretty loserish. Well at the moment I have only read a few of the early early entries and they just seem to consist of me jabberig on about food and sleep, ahh high school was swell. Yep still consisting of food and ranting about the pill and school, I seem to make alot of slices and brownies I should do this more often I love brownies. There is alot of funny comments from Cassie....that girl is weird with her weird boyfriend and ehr weird housemates (yes thats you letecia and if you squint heaps you can see these words glaring at you). Wow I wrote an emo pissedoff entry and some of it consisted of my leafs not drying properly for biology, I'm glad I gave up school work soon after that. Man I do just not stop writing about food, no wonder I got so fat during high school. I was lazy too, my mum cleaned my room whilst I slept, I wish I still lived at home or that maybe Amelia would clean my room whilst I was asleep even though it's rarely messy. Hah ants tried to build a nest in our fire alarm apparently according to an old post from me. According to this old movie I'm watcing the best time to enjoy a martini is at 5:30 in the afternoon, now I don't want to sound like a nanna but that does sound a little early for thid broad. Awww I wrote that Cassie was essential to me, now aren't I nice. Aww no wonder I wrote Cassie as an essential, she wrote me a comment just to tell me there was a Kylie Minogue documentry on at like 2 in the morning. Awww man at some point I had redskins in my freezer, I should so start doing that again.
"P.s. I found a ribbon for 1st place in female flags in nippers, I am claiming this ribbon as mine so we must alll pretend I won it and I am athletic."
I still have this ribbon on my wall and everyone thinks I'm super great at nippers. Yaah boys fought over me, it took me a while to remember and then it camee to me and then how they were both pretty freaky came to me too. Well I also talk about the start of my lovely sickness of shingles which started as a rash, I can remember the whole process of shingles with livejournal.
'Renee told me my rash was ringworm but I told her she was a dickhead and it looked nothing like ringworm" That made me laugh alot, I'm so nice to my friends. There are some weird spelling mistakes in my old posts that I just think I was drunk whilst posting because there are ones like 'gop' and stuff. There is a pretty mungly photo of me in one of my entries where i tried to resize it and just made the photo feral. "The parrties I hate are the ones wehre you come home with blood all over your jumper sleeves and white stockings" WHEN THE FUCK DID THIS HAPPEN, what happened where I got blood all over me, oh my god did I get in a fight and forget about it, maybe I drank too much. Jesus I am going to ask around about this tomorrow. After reading almost all of my entries I have decided I am weird and a loser...no wonder I have no friends. Heehee there is a post about wearing nothing to bed allllllllllriiiiiighhhhhhhhtttt.

Ok so I am donee looking through all my old posts and I am glad I have sort of broken my addiction to food and slightly sleep, now I sleep for mostly a normal amount.

It's cold and I have a rash on the corner of my nose from tissues, I should mooch and stop watching old movies which have lots of monologues and every one has chirpy voices.

9/10/08 05:30 pm

I think I need to stop internet stalking
I do it way to much
Also I need to stop my newly aqquired teenage talk...it's so addictive though damn teenage talk.
I'm bored, I hope it dosn't rain have washing on the line.
Mum should call more often because I'm bored.
I'm going to go shopping this weekend and buy a dress and new heels to go out on my birthday in and look super sweet
I'm also going to molest Letecia until she dyes my hair (I know this now gives you an incentive to not do my hair Letecia : P)
There is this hot looking red head on tv...she is a cartoon hottie too; a rare breed
I'm so making curry for tea

That is all

5/20/08 11:36 pm - Gaaaaah!

She is being the biggest bitch because I don't like mice

It would be so different if it was her and a nest of grasshoppers 

obviously she never saw that movie about the rats and mice that ate peoples flesh and took over America

Mice are hairy and gross and filled with disease, this is how I see them and however science may prove wrong I think I'm right

Killer mice taking over a van from that movie I was talking about

5/20/08 10:47 pm - Mmmmmm

I like the smell of green apples and the taste of cake

Our fridge is squeking and our loungeroom has a lingering smell or soure yoghurt.

Mice keep appearing in our house

but it's clean so I don't understand

Playboy mansion is so degrading but good

5/19/08 09:16 pm - Blue

I'm movng here in my mind.
Except my caravan is blue with more windows

5/18/08 02:40 am

Bins are being knocked over outside by the wind, their like dominos but bins

Thank god I'm not trying to sleep because that would have been frustrating to put up with

It stormed today

It felt good

I think the apartment just growled at me

What did I do to it to make it growl at me

Maybe it is cranky that I'm still awake with the lights and trashy rage on the tv

My eyes are burning
                                   I think I should go to bed

Happy music makes me feel crap
thats a new epiphany   
thank god I found out before I declared my love for happy music

I'll stick to no music just to be on the safe side

I want to live on an Island by myself like on castaway

Tonight I decided to get my license and a car and drive all over Australia by myself and sleep in my car and get random jobs that are out in the sun

I'll never have to bother about the horridness of sharing beds; I'll be in my car

Uni reminds me of highschool the people are still losers their just older and think they are way better  
 they are still shit and still choose to be friends with the most popular and prettiest people. that probably explains why I have no uni friends

I want a blue caravan to live in later in life
Are you still trailer trash if you have all your teeth and aren't a hick just only like the necessities.

I'm stopping this waste of time right now and turning off the tv and going to bed to lay down and think more

Damn thinking if only it would stop

10/11/07 12:25 pm - Hot hot snazzberries

I do believe it is so hot and humid I plan on wearing next to nothing to bed

I wish it would just break ot in rain already

10/2/07 09:40 pm

I hate saying no to people

It rarely happens but when it does I feel awfully bad

It a friends brithday tomorrow and I feel bad because I have made a decision not to get her anything and if I don't see her I most probably will not make an effort to say Happy 18th

If she can't even say happy birthday to me which she has had almost a week to do then stuff her. It isn't a loss as she never put anything into the friendship anyway.

I am too busy and impatient for boozers and skanks,  sleazy men and angry customers.

I wish I could have a week of life and just live on an island for the rest of my life

I know going to uni is going to be a waste of time because after I get my degree I am going to get a job on North Keppel cleaning or cooking and enjoy myself so much and dissapoint everyone you thought of high things from me. Fuck em'  I'll be happy and that is all that matters.  : )

9/18/07 08:55 am

I always say I am going to post more to vent; but of course I never do.

I am so lonely; I have been working by myself and it is so boring.

I just want to go on holidays already

I am freaking out because it is my birthday next Wednesday and I didn't realise

I find birthdays a waste of time; truly 

I always start my sentences with 'I' because there is nothing else for me to talk about.

To hell with it, it's my livejournal for a reason.

My real diary doesn't judge me like this internet one.

Night Baby Loves

9/16/07 09:34 am

Biology for CassieCollapse )
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